Pressure concerns and your home

Pressure concerns and your home

Water Pressure is a big issue for most customers, but did you know it can affect your home in some very costly ways?

Admittedly we get far more complaints about low pressure than we do about high pressure; and we agree low pressure is rather annoying, but overly high pressure can be dangerous and expensive!  High pressure can cut into your purse/wallet in many ways, including destroying fixtures, appliances, causing an air hammer (a.k.a. banging noise in pipes), wasting water and increasing the chance of leaks throughout your home/property.

The most common issues are with pressure over 85psi.  This is best illustrated by considering what happens when you kink your lawn hose. That same pressure build up is happening at your homes various water cut offs; such as stops under the sink, toilet, shower valves, hose hook ups, faucets, pipes under the home that carry water through your home to the multiple outlets and even the water line running from the street to your home. These valves/fixtures are designed to handle stress, but only up to a certain point. Once your water pressure gets above recommended levels, it begins to reduce the life of any rubber seals or plastic parts in the path of the water flow.  Seals fail, slow drips start and wasted water starts to cost you money.

As any homeowner knows, new appliances aren’t cheap; once you make a large investment in a dishwasher, fridge or any of your appliances that are hooked up to water, you want to maximize the return. These appliances experience similar increase wear when water pressure is too high. Shortening the life of appliances by years not months. One of the weakest points in your system is the rubber hose going from your clothes washer to the valve, combining a weak point with high pressure is a disaster waiting to happen. Burst washer hoses are one of the more common causes of catastrophic water damage in the home.

Most people think they know if their pressure is low/high; however it’s a good idea to have licensed and insured plumber out to give you peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to protect your home and belongings. So give Plumb Masters a call at 512-657-5862 and we will have an experienced technician to evaluate your situation.

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